240sx / Silvia Cooling

Mishimoto Cooler Thermostat for SR's and KA's, 155°F - $49


Koyo S13 and S14 radiator's are made for sr20det swapped into US 240sx's for $230. Available for KA24DE for $230 . We also stock the S14 radiator for the same price. These are excellent radiators that offer much better cooling for your car, especially after an intercooler is now in the way of the air going to the radiator. We also sell the cooling fans for this radiator.

Nismo cooler thermostat. set to open at 62 degrees celsius. Will fit KA or SR - $49.99

Koyo N Radiator; The Koyo N designed radiator keeps the coolant in the radiator longer. It is divided into 3 sections forcing the coolant to make 3 passes through before interring back into the engine. This gives the radiator more efficient cooling. Designed for high HP and low-speed driving (drifting). The N FLow is available for the S13 SR and S14 SR - $260

The Koyo N top and bottom tanks are divided to make the 3 chambers for the coolant to pass through.

BRAND NEW ! Motul MoCool radiator additive. Keeps cooling temps 30 degrees colder. This item can be added to pure water! Never use coolant again! - $14.64

Koyo Radiator caps - $23

JGY Radiator hose for S13, S14, S15 with a Silvia motor - $63

Two 10 inch electric cooling fans, which are 1000 CFM's for each fan, reversible, 2 wire, can run constantly (100% duty cycle), slim line, sold as a pair - $119.98

Mishimoto Universal Thermostatic 10 Row Oil Cooler Kit, Black; Fits almost all import cars with included adaptors - $309

Mishimoto S13/S14 SR Radiator Hoses
JGY Price - $89

Megan racing Radiator hoses for S13 and S14 SR - $103

Greddy breather tank - $122

New S13 water pump, $49 We also have S14's - $62

We at JGY love DEM hose. This is a nice visual upgrade for your vehicle. We stock blue, but other colors are available. These are designed for using a RWD style radiator, such as the KOYO, etc. Our price is $84, retail is $96.15

Greddy radiator caps - $19

S13 SR KOYO copper core radiator - $139