240sx / Silvia Engine Bolt-ons
and Under Hood Parts

S14 water neck outlet
S14 water neck outlet, fits S14 and S13, advantages are it allows you to move and replace the notorious water line that fails over time on the S13 OR, can be used as a bung for a water temp sensor, OEM Nissan, JGY price: $74

S14 '95 to '98 240sx Master Cylinder Kit - the correct way to go from automatic to manual: $39

S13 Master Cylinder Kit, NEW, anyone that's going from auto to manual needs this, just $29

Aftermarket SR20DET (S13/14/15) aluminum oil pan, holds extra oil, can't be dented; includes trap doors to hold the oil at the pick up tube: $89

RWD S14 SR20DET Front cover with oil seal: $49

RWD SR OEM dipstick tube: $11.99

SR20DET S13 dipstick, New Nissan OEM, replace your old, worn out, cracked dipstick with a new one for just $11.99 from JGY

Sikky LSx mount and install kit. Includes 8qt oil pan, CNC billet motor and transmission mounts, remote mount filter kit, and either an aluminum or steel driveshaft.
S13 Non ABS with steel DS: $1675.00
S13 Non ABS with Aluminum DS: $1865.00
S13 ABS with steel DS: $1675.00
S13 ABS with Aluminum DS: $1865.00
S14 Non ABS with steel DS: $1675.00
S14 Non ABS with Aluminum DS: $1865.00
S14 ABS with steel DS: $1675.00
S14 ABS with Aluminum DS: $1865.00

OEM Nissan Idle air control valve with gasket: $123

Tomei oversize oil pan: $345

ATI Super Damper is designed exclusively for high RPM high performance engines. The ATI Damper will eliminate the harmful crankshaft vibrations which could lead to oil pump failure, timing belt failure, and bearing failure, thus prolonging the engine life. ATI Dampers are actually 2 dampers in one. There is an inner and outer damper bolted to a replaceable crank hub. Less vibration equals more power and torque at high rpm. - SR20 RWD: $388

Greddy Oil Cooler Kit for S13: $468

JGY S13/S14 Lightweight Pulley 1.5lb vs. factory 5.5lbs: $89

Transmission Mount replacement - Stiffens up the entire drive train for better feel and response. Great for Drifters: $59

Top Speed S13 Intake Manifold: $240

Greddy S13 Intake Manifold: $532

Top Speed S14 Intake Manifold: $309

Greddy S13 Pulleys: $230

Greddy RWD SR Oil Pan: $310

Engine Torque Dampener for SR20. Blue Red or Silver: $69

Greddy Catch Can: $85

Greddy Universal Oil Filter Relocation Kit
Tired of trying to get your hands on your filter? Put it where you can get to it. Also has multiple fittings for turbo lines, oil coolers, oil gauges, etc.
We stock 2 different versions to fit most and all Nissans and Toyotas: $213

SR20DET Oil Pickup Tube for S13 and S14 SR20DET's; newer revised version that allows oil to be given to the oil pump even if the oil pan is dented: $25.50

S14 SR20DE and SR20DET OEM water pump: $62

Mishimoto Oil Catch Can, great for boosted and N/A applications, universal fitment: $99

Circuit Sports S13 Motor Mounts
Circuit Sports Polyurethane Solid Engine Mount Set for Nissan 240SX with KA24 or SR20-DET Engines: $92 for the set

With HRC-80 hardness rating and slightly lower than stock center of gravity, it will improve power transfer to the rear wheels.

Cusco S13/14 Motor Mounts: $213

S13 SR20DET water pump: $49

S13 Oil Pump: $199

Sikky LSx power steering line conversion for S13 and S14 240sx's: $135.00

Sikky LSx remote oil filter kit: $190.00

Sikky LSx clutch master cylinder conversion. A must when doing the LSx swap into an S chassis vehicle: $245

Magnetic Oil Drain for Nissans: $12

Aluminum HOTPIPE kit
This pipe is not included with any of the intercooler kits and must be used to connect turbo to intercooler kit. Comes with coupler and clamps: $49

JGY S13/S14 Lightweight pulley kit: $199

JGY S13/S14 motor mount kit. These are our hottest sellers out of all our mount kits and now the price is even lower! Includes all 3 mounts: $149

SR Throttle pulley, (Red or Blue) light weight, billet, and because of the ratio, allows faster throttle response and the ability to get full throttle without pushing the pedal all the way down: $35

Greddy S14/S15 intake manifold: $608.40

S13 Cold Pipe for use with Greddy intake manifold/ intercooler piping kit a great buy: $54

JGY Bored Throttle Body. Core Sometimes Required: $200

Nismo S13/S14 motor and transmission mounts. Firmer when compared to stock. If you are going to replace your worn out stock mounts during your install, definitely go with these: $235

Greddy oil filter relocation kit for SR20 motors. This kit allows you to relocate the factory oil filter for easy maintenance with a trick look. Billet adapters allow for easy installation of gauge sensors, such as oil pressure and oil temperature: $129