350Z/G35 Electronics

Prosport 3.5inch Tachometer: $141
With Opening Ceremony; Just 25mm thick; 10,000 rpm limit; 6 stages of brightness; Dual Programmable warning features; Peak Max value feature; Shift Light; 3 different colors of back lighting

Prosport 3.5inch Speedometer: $136
With Opening Ceremony; Just 25mm thick; 140mph limit; Dual Programmable features; 6 stages of brightness; Daisy Chain connection; Peak Max value recall; Digital display also; Control box and speed light included (hey, slow down); 3 different colors of back lighting

Platinum Pro 350z
- Sequential Fuel Control
- Direct Fire Ignition Control
- Variable Camshaft postion mapping
- Knock Detection
- Engine Rev Limiter
- Closed loop boost control
- Launch control
- Closed loop wideband 02 control
- On board data logging
- Speed density, Alpha-N or MAF tuning
- Additional user definable inputs and outputs
- Windows Software
$1978.00 and in stock... We normally have 2 or more here!

AEM Infinity
AEM Infinity ECU for 350Z and G35
Plug and play programmable ECU; fits in factory location and controls all engine functions, including variable cam control and the drive by wire system: $2,268

Reikken Battery, light weight 10.6pounds, up to 400 cold cranking amps, can be mounted in any position, just 6.5inches high by 7inches and 3inches wide, great for many applications: $99

Dry Cell Battery for SR20DET - Significant weight savings (Only 14 lbs!) over regular batteries (Avg. 42 lbs) without compromising performance. Required if you do a front mount intercooler kit.
Our Price: $89