* SOLD *

AWD GTi-R Sentra for $3,800

**SOLD** We have a '92 Se-r for sale that has been converted to an AWD platform from a GTi-r, JGY Pro Race manifold, JGY equal length twin turbo manifold with twin setup, 2817r feeding a PT97, 1000hp intercooler water to air, Haltech stacked on AEM, hydraulic switch to convert to RWD, eight 1000cc injectors (second injectors come on over 22psi), running 2 VK56 throtle bodies, twin aeromotive 340 fuel pumps, ksport slide controls rebuilt for extra dampening, dual Tial waste gates, including the transmission and rear end. On RWD mode it made 1022HP to the ground! An extensive amount of time and work went into this build and it's ready for you to drive away. Yes............a four wheel drive Se-r can be yours. Pulsar GTi-R front end (bumper is included)

Aftermarket bodykit all around

Aftermarket wheels with good tires

GTi-R center gauge console

GTi-R gauge cluster. Also has GTi-R steering column and aftermarket steering wheel

Seatbelts moved to B pillar off of doors

GTi-R motor with AWD tranny

Camber adjustable tophats

GTi-R rear diff and subframe. All bolted in for easy removal and install

AWD converted B13 with GTi-R motorset. Also installed are GTi-R steering column and center console gauges. Lots of aftermarket upgrades. It has a JWT tuned ECU in it, it has the seatbelts moved to the B pillars, it has a fuel cell, and a aftermarket anti theft system........!) It even had power windows installed in it. $3,800

1-30-12, For some reason, we seem to have mis-informed many people about this car due to the HIGH volume of emails and calls that start like this: "Can you dyno it for me? Will it make a 4000 mile trip?" A customer from Florida (it's a Florida car) built this car over a span of 4 years. Over the 4 years, he spent countless hours making all of this beast come together, from the functioning gauges to the rear end to the fuel cell to finding out the throwout bearing broke and having to wait 3 months for the new one and then installing it. He became disenchanted with the car. We are not sure why.......his hard work was over. His annoyance is your luck. His loss is your gain. He traded this car to us as is for another S14 with an SR motor that we had. Please remember this when the questions such as: "what's the fuel economy" and "what grade bolts are in the rear end" start popping up. **SOLD**