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Greddy Boost Controller
The new Profec is compact, powerful and easy to use. The large OLED Display, with the simple two-button / rotary-dial control, make for intuitive operation. An ultra slim controller can display in digital, bar-graph, or graphical modes and can be rotated 180 degrees for installation with the included adjustable mount or flush mounted. By separating the display and control unit in the driver’s compartment from the engine compartment-mounted, waterproof, sensor unit, it makes installation straightforward. Only one thin harness is required to be routed through the firewall. The combination of the new 300kPa (43.5psi) integrated pressure sensor, the more compact solenoid valve and faster ECU processer, provide quicker response and the most stable boost curves yet. The Profec also maintains popular features like, Lo, Hi, Scramble boost presets, last-boost display, peak-hold recall, warning alert and safety limiter.
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Greddy E-Manage Ultimate Plug & Play - complete plug and play harnesses for S13, S14, and S15, no wiring!
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Read up to 25 pieces of information:
Communicate with the factory ECU to read up to 25 channels. Like: Speedometer, RPM, Water Temp, Ignition Timing, Injector Rate, Intake Air Temp, Fuel Temp, Air Flow Voltage, Throttle Position, WVG, ATF Temp, EGR Temp, Gear Position, 4WD ratio, Exhaust Temp.

Simple Plug & Play Installation:
Just plug in the appropriate cable into your vehicle's Diagnostic port, under the dash (IS 014230 or old Nissan fault diagnosis connector)
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Click here to download the Greddy Informeter Instructions

Greddy E-Manage Ultimate - support tool software included. The Greddy e-manage Ultimate was engineered to preserve the best features of the original e-manage (an economical price, the use of existing sensors, the ability to easily alter stock settings, & the vast compatibility for most Japanese performance vehicles), while advancing new innovations in piggyback engine control management. Although the external physical dimensions are the same, the Black-Chrome Ultimate has an increased number of input and output ports along with new built-in adapters, to add a number of new options.

In addition to standard e-manage airflow-based adjustments, the Ultimate version includes new and upgraded features. Included is a PC-based Ultimate Support Tool software CD, with an easy-to-use Parameter Set-up, tab menu format and speedy USB communication. Ultimate has improved direct Map control for adding and subtracting Fuel and Ignition. The ability to switch between 2 preset tuning Maps (i.e. Street or Race program) via externally mounted toggle switches. There are Maps for Individual cylinder adjustment for both Fuel and Ignition. There are also options to convert injection and ignition systems (i.e. group or sequential injection and group or individual fire ignition.) An Airflow Output Map option even allows for airflow meter elimination. And when used with a wideband A/F Meter, the Air Fuel Target Map can self-tune an Injector base tuning Map, to speed up initial tuning. There are also built-in Boost, Rev and Speed Limiter-Cut features. To create super smooth operation, there are various fine tuning Correction Maps to adjust for Throttle Acceleration, Vehicle Speed, Water Temp, Intake Temp, Auto Trans Shift, Anti Engine Stall, and Idle. To further aid in tuning, e-manage Ultimate's improved integrated Monitoring, Map Tracing and Data logging features far exceed any other piggyback controller on the market. Even when not connected to the software, 8 channels of data logging (at 20msec intervals) can be recorded and stored to be reviewed later. With the Support Tool connected, over 30 channels can be covered. Other new features include: Improved RPM recognition, Warning Settings, Password Protection for individual tuning Maps, NVCS (Nissan), VTEC (Honda), O2 Feed-back, Clean Fouled Plugs, and numerous others in future updates.

Ideal for optimizing and fine-tuning for performance products like Exhaust, Air Intake, Intercoolers, Boost Controllers, and Turbochargers, the e-manage Ultimate fills the gaps between conventional piggyback and expensive stand-alone engine managements.

All installation and tuning should only be made by a trained technician with proper air/fuel monitoring tools. (Some or all functions may not be compatible with some applications.) (Straight from the masters at GReddy.)

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Greddy Turbo Timers
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Greddy's Universal Turbo Timer Harness
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Greddy Emanage and Emanage Ultimate Complete Harness Set for New users, includes the 18-pin, 12-pin, and 14-pin connector harness: $99

Greddy Full auto turbo timer II, New and even has a detached faceplate to give more mounting solutions.

Greddy Multi Switching Unit
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Click here for instructions on how to use the MSS to control your radiator fans!

Greddy Remote Switching System -
At the push of button, you can change your
boost between high and low levels. Ideal for mounting to your steering wheel.
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Bought the Greddy Turbo timer from us and the harness, but feel as successful as Master P at the Celebrity Dance contest?, no problem. Here is what we commonly see as the hurdles for most Import installations... as to when the unit just doesn't seem to let the car keep running after you turn it off.

The Greddy turbo timer and harness (purchased separately) is designed to go in-line of your factory ignition harness and catch the signals that tell the car to turn off. The timer continues giving power to the car for the preset amount of time, and then turns the car off... all while the key is already taken from the car.

The 2 most common problems we seem to be presented from our customers are this: 1.after installing the harness, the car doesn't work (we present this in the first 2 photos) and 2.after installing the harness, the turbo timer doesn't work (photo 3)

Photo 1 and 2 shows the Greddy harness plugged into the factory ignition harness (gain access to this by taking apart the steering column covers on most Nissans). We find that most of the Nissan harnesses have 6 wires in them, but the Greddy harness only connects to 5. So we simply cut the wire at the Nissan harness at both sides, lengthen it by about 8 inches, and solder it to itself, thus still allowing it to connect, even though the connection was first broken by the Greddy harness.

Photo 3 shows the red wire that comes from the Greddy unit that has a female bullet connection. On most installs you need to find a constant 12 volt source and connect to this bullet connection. We typically find a constant 12volt source that is within the ignition harness (that does not turn off when the key is turned to start) tap into it, and run a jumper to the red wire shown.

Note: for Domestic cars only three wires need to be connected:

Red - constant power
Black - ground
Green - accessory