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Tyrone's 2004 convertible 350z
Tyrone was on his way to ride CrotchOfTheDragon.com Route 622, when on the interstate, a huge rock broke his radiator and lead to a motor failure. Luckily, he was within 10 miles of JGY. Geico sent the car here for a motor swap. We will also be doing some tasteful motor upgrades, as well.

pass side

back pass


on the lift
On the lift

on the lift
Getting ready to take the motor out

driveshaft and exhaust components out
Driveshaft and exhaust components out

transmission out
Transmission out

previously installed clutch looks good
Previously installed clutch looking good

motor out
Motor out

motor out

old motor
Old motor

replacement motor
Replacement motor

Agency Power pulley kit
Agency Power pulley kit

Greddy air diversion plate
Greddy carbon fiber air diversion plate for radiator

Megan Racing radiator hoses
Megan Racing radiator hoses

new stainless steel headers
New stainless steel headers

broken left motor mount
Once we took the motor out, we found out why it moved so much... the left motor mount is broken

22lb energy absorber
Trying to remove the radiator seemed different on this Z... Well, the convertibles came equipped with a 22 pound energy absorber in the front left corner of the bay...

removing motor mount brackets
Removing the motor mount brackets to install on the replacement motor

oil filter in front instead of side
Replacement motor has the oil filter in the front instead of the side of the block

broken driver's side motor mount
Upon removing the motor, we found this broken driver's side motor mount

stripping old motor of usable parts
Old motor getting stripped of usable parts

Great shape clutch and flywheel
We will reuse his great shape factory clutch and flywheel

removing automatic transmission pilot bearing
Removing the factory automatic transmission pilot bearing

cleaning up flywheel mounting points
3 of the flywheel to crankshaft mounting points needed to be cleaned up/re-tapped

removing oil pan and accessories
Removing Tyrone's RWD oil pans and accessories so that we could install them onto the AWD donor motor for it to fit his car. The AWD version of the VQ motor has the starter on the driver side, where the RWD has it on the US passenger side. Also, the AWD oil pan is larger to accommodate the front axle shaft that runs through it.

removing oil pan and accessories

removing oil pan and accessories

removing oil pan and accessories

getting ready to remove oil pan
Getting ready to remove the AWD oil pan from the new motor

notice the replacement motor is cleaner
Notice the replacement motor is much cleaner inside than the old one

replacement motor ready for oil pan
Replacement motor ready for RWD oil pan

replacement motor ready for RWD oil pan

installed RWD upper and lower oil pans with new gasket
Installed RWD upper and lower oil pans with new gasket

installed RWD upper and lower oil pans with new gasket

Agency Power Lightweight Pulleys
We installed the Agency Power light weight pulleys onto his motor for added power.


We swapped over the alternator and motor mounts from his motor.

melted coil packs
We found two melted coil packs from the overheated motor and replaced them.

prepped intake for plenum spacer
We prepped the intake for the Blox Racing Plenum Spacer.

plenum spacer installed
The spacer easily installs and provides cooler intake air, better throttle response, and clears the strut bar.

plenum spacer installed
After installed with the included Blox longer hardware, the fitment is great.

plenum spacer

motor going in
Motor is going in. Once the motor is barely in the bay, the headers will be installed.

motor being installed
Motor being installed

motor being installed

headers waiting for install
Headers waiting to be installed

motor is in
Motor is in and you can see the Agency Power pulleys

connecting the harness
Now connecting the harness

Agency Power pulleys and belts
Agency Power pulleys installed with corresponding belts

Agency Power pulleys and belts

Flywheel installed

clutch disk
Clutch disk added

pressure plate
Pressure plate



New fans

Mizu radiator
New, bigger Mizu radiator to be installed


fans, radiator pulleys in
Tyrone's fans and radiator installed, and a view of the pulleys

installed pulleys, fans, radiator

mizu radiator

blox racing spacer
View of the Blox Racing spacer

under hood

under hood

under hood

ready for dyno
Ready for the dyno

on the dyno
Getting ready to dyno

up rev
UpRev engine management

on the dyno

dyno tuning

dyno work
Dyno work

237hp 216tq
After dyno tuning with UpRev, we went from the lower 200's in both up to over 235HP and 216tq

237hp 216tq



UpRev adjustments

240hp 217tq
With more refining, we achieved a touch over 240HP and 217 tq

under hood

under hood

Greddy air diversion plate
Greddy's Air Diversion Plate in carbon fiber installed

test fitting new wheels
Test fitting the new wheels, 285/30/20's for the rear

Project completed