Supertech RB26 dual valve spring kit and retainers, 24 valve springs (x2) and retainers, retail is $714.04, JGY price: $599

Supertech RB26 exhaust valve guides: $81.32 (set of 12)

Supertech RB26 intake valve guides: $81.32 (set of 12)

Supertech RB26 exhaust valve guide seal: $11.76 (set of 12)

Supertech RB26 intake valve guide seal: $8.74 (set of 12)

RB20DET and RB25DET exhaust valve guides: $4.39 each

RB20 and RB25 intake valve guides: $4.50 each

RB20 and RB25 valve guide seal: $29.99 a set

Supertech RB26 +1mm oversize exhaust valves, high temperature Inconel steel: $29 a valve

Brian Crower +1mm exhaust valves for RB26: $228

Brian Crower RB26DETT exhaust valve kit, .5mm bigger than stock: $215

Supertech RB26 +1mm oversize intake valves: $19.16 a valve

Brian Crower +1mm oversize intake valves for RB26: $228

Brian Crower RB26DETT intake valve kit, 35.65mm, .5mm bigger than stock: $215

Brian Crower RB26 spring and retainer kit: $345

Greddy RB26DETT valve springs, 320.00 retail;
Our Price: $call

Brian Crower Billet Keepers/Locks, fits BC2230 retainers: $129

Tomei Solid lifter kit for RB26: $520.00

RB timing tensioner: $45.00

Greddy RB26 intake plenum for RB26DETT
For R32, R33, and R34 motors, allows you to keep your 6 individual throttle bodies, but corrects the leaning out issue on the last 2 banks that happens on the RB motors with the factory intake, also a great aid in getting bigger power, includes upper and lower plenum parts, gaskets, and Greddy logo plaque, retail is $1095, JGY price: $799

ARP RB26DETT head stud kit: $324

ARP RB25 head studs: $139
ARP RB20 head studs: $139

Greddy head stud kit for RB26, retail is 480.00;
Our Price: $call

Brian Crower RB26 Stage 2 Cams, 264 duration, 10.16mm lift, both: $718 a set

Tomei RB25 254 Poncams
Factory is 240, these are 254 and are the biggest you can do that just drop in: $546 a set

RB20/25/26 Tomei Cams: $337.50 for each cam - Call for special price

RB20/25/26 Tomei Cams and Gears: $259 each

RB20/25/26 adjustable cam gears. At this price, why wouldn't you want a set of these: $36.00 each

Greddy Easy Camshaft kit for RB26 with 264 and 9.1 intake and exhaust, $820 retail; Our Price: $call

Greddy Cam Sprockets for RB26, retail is 149.00 each; Our Price: $call

Tomei RB26 Headgasket Combo Kit: 87 mm bore, 1.2mm thick headgasket with other gaskets - throttle body gaskets, exhaust gaskets, orifice restrictor: $265

Cometic headgasket for the RB26 available in many sizes. Custom sizes available as well: Starting at $147

Cometic RB20/25/26 lower gasket kit: $41.99

Cometic RB25 87mm 1.29mm thickness headgasket, list is $157.45. 87mm bore, 1.29mm thick
Our Price: $137 - In Stock

RB25 gasket kit: $145

RB26 upper gasket kit
Includes intake and exhaust valve covers and valve guide seals, awesome value: $130

Greddy 1mm, 88mm head gasket RB25DET 13521341, list is 28,000yen: $call

RB20DE (T) head gasket, 80mm bore, 1mm thickness, JGY price: $152