G20 Suspension

Tein S-1400 Coilovers
Tein Street Advance Coilovers for P11 '99-'02 G20: $619
Features: Steel construction, Twin Tube internal construction, Larger piston diameter for strut type front and rear (22mm), 16-way Damping adjustment, Ride height adjustable via spring seat

Tein S-Tech lowering springs
Tein S-Tech lowering springs for G20: $156 (Approximately 1.5" lower) These are great lowering springs at an even greater price. Tein really does their homework. At 2004 Nopi Nats, you could find them actually walking around taking notes of U.S. spec suspension.

D2 RS Coilover System
The D2 RS coilover system is a 36 way dampner and rebound adjustable monotube full coilover system. The setup has seperate height and preload adjustments allowing for optimal adjustment and allowing full strut travel at all times along with pillowball upper mounts or top mounts*. Mounts are constructed of 6061 powder coated aluminum. Threads are teflon coated to prevent rust. Rebuildable and serviceable in the US. Your price from us: $855

Tein Pillow Mount
Tein Pillow Mount - for Tein Coilovers, may work with other combos, don't know haven't tried: $169

Energy Suspension bushings
Energy Suspension bushings for sway bars, great upgrade for stock or aftermarket sway bars: $9.99

Ichiba 4 lug wheel spacers
Ichiba 4 lug wheel spacers 25mm, bolts onto hub, then wheel bolts onto spacer, available for 4x100mm and 4x114.3mm, sold in sets of two: $129 a set

4 lug spacers
4 lug spacers: $6 each
¼ inch thick, fits both 4x100 and 4x114.3

G20 camber
G20 camber
The geometry of the suspension on G20s is well designed from the factory. Unfortunately, there are no camber adjustments on them for the front.

When you upgrade to a set of coilovers and lower the car, you get too much negative camber. Although it may look good, it is bad for tire wear and normal street performance. When we lowered our JGY-G20 aggressively, it was too much. We had to change it.

After months of prototype fitting and setting up the jigs, we are proud to release our JGY-G20 Camber Arms for sale. The production kit includes steel ball joint swivel bearings press-fitted into each end ,that sit out farther than the bearing surface for optimum travel, with all new components.They even feature a greasable fitting in each end to prolong bearing life and to make them smooth for life. They are sold as a pair and allow up to 10 degrees of camber adjustment for each side! Anyone lowering their G20 needs these: $290