Precision Turbo 6266
Precision Turbo's 6266
Shown here with 4inch ported shroud inlet and .63 a/r 4 bolt discharge, rated for up to 800HP, JGY's price is just: $919
Many options are available for this turbo, including ball bearing center section

Precision Turbo 5830: $1479
with T25 flange, .64 A/R

Precision Entry Level 5431: $699

Precision Turbo 5558: $906

Godspeed's GT45, great for up to 700HP, T4 divided inlet, Vband discharge, 4inch air inlet, 2.5inch outlet, 360 degree thrust bearing, anti-surge cover: $350

Trying to put together a cost effective turbo upgrade for your car? Maybe you should try one of these! Precision's line of Entry Level turbos give you the perfect bang for your buck while giving you a high quality product for your budget. They have a wide variety of turbos to choose from with a huge selection of housing options with prices starting at around $579... Give JGY a call today to order your new Entry Level turbo from Precision.

6262 Precision Turbo with a Billet compressor wheel. Rated at 535hp. Your price $810. We also have T3 Billet 5857E, T3 Billet 5857S, T3 Billet 5857SP, T3 Billet 6057E, T3 Billet 6057S, T3 Billet 6057SP, T3 Billet 6062S, T3 Billet 6062SP, T3 Billet 55-57, T3 Billet 6265S, and T3 Billet 6265SP. Prices starting at $810.00. All of these are available with 4in inlet. We can also get the anti-surge front cover at no extra cost.

GT3076R 1199.00

Garrett GTX2976R
This is a complete replacement/upgrade turbo with both covers, just $1579

Garrett GTX2867R turbo, with exhaust back half, just $1529 from us

Garrett GT4088R, just $1649

Below are the prices of the Garrett turbos that we carry. Many are in stock, such as the more popular ones: GT2871R, GT28rs, GT30r, GT3071R, etc. For those that aren't, typical lead times must be expected. We can get any trim levels, A/R's, etc. that Garrett offers.

The wait is over, now you can have an internal wastegate with a big turbo upgrade. This means less money, less modifications and less time for your project to get back on the road! Choose between these turbos:

GT3071R - $1309

GT3076R - $1309

GT3582R - $1389

These turbos will be a direct replacement for your RB25DET stock manifold! or a top mount SR!

Garrett GT Technology
GT12 130-hp $530.00
GT15 220-hp $530.00
GT20 260-hp $577.00
GT22 280-hp $614.00
GT25R 250-hp $649.00
GT25 40R AKA GT25R 390-hp $1015.00
GT28R BB 300-hp $739.00
GT28RS BB 340-hp $1069.00
GT2871R BB 440-hp $1110.00
GT30R BB 500-hp $1,099.00
GT30 76R 550-hp $1,199.00
GT32 420-hp $599.00
GT35 600-hp $750.00
GT35 82R BB 640-hp $1,229.00
GT37 550-hp $710.00
GT40 650-hp $715.00
GT40 76 750-hp $1,045.00
GT40 80RL 700-hp $1,595.00
GT28 71RLE 440-hp $1,079.00
GT30 71RLE 460-hp $1,199.00
GT35 82RL 640-hp $1,210.00
GT35 82RLS 610-hp $1,219.00
GT42 1,100-hp $968.00
GT42 76 1,200-hp $1,850.00
GT42 76RL BB 1,200-hp $2,090.00
GT47 80 1,300-hp $1,199.00
GT55 1,600-hp $2,915.00
GT60 2,200-hp $3,384.00

We also carry the full line of replacement Garrett parts: Housings, Center Sections, Brackets, Wastegate Actuators, etc.

We respect your interest in our products and will help as much as we can, but if you have detailed questions about what options would be best for your application, please consult the two links listed below for more product information: